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#FourLinePoems' Competition

Art changes. Technology changes. Culture changes. Morality changes. But not the world. The world never changes. The world never changes because people never change.

If Jesus came back to save us today, we'd just nail him right back up. Slap a sticker on him that reads, 'messianic complex' and put him away in an institution. Dismiss him as another lunatic prophet and continue living our shitty lives, without another thought, without any remorse.

Dear God.

Thank you for dying for a world that wouldn't die for you.
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SarafinaAndNi Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2014
We all have
Chrissijulius Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Aww I'm sure he will forgive you! <3
thehourofarrival Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2013
I sure hope he does, and thanks. :)
realARTIZT Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
As a person who actively believes in God...

I think this was pretty deep for a four word poem. I am surprised you drew the conclusion that we humans neglect to change in a way that is for the better. Individually we need to take to heart the fact that someone has died for us and for a reason, instead of letting skeptism reign and giving into what we know to be wrong behavior. We all fall short because of imperfection but we should put our faith in God's Kingdom rather than in men who may mean well but will never be enough to correct the mess we are in. - Jeremiah 10:23

Thank you for your submission and welcome to #SayItHere!
thehourofarrival Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2013
Firstly, that passage that you provided is beautifull, and is now up there amongst my favourites, so thank you. Secondly, I perfectly agree with what you’ve written about in terms of the individual acceptance of God. I don’t, however, believe that mankind as a whole is capable of great change, not necessarily because humans will allways remain the same to some extent, but because even if we know that we all sin, we do little to stop it. Everybody knows that Christ suffered to absolve mankind, but few people truly can appreciate the full extent of his suffering; and that’s why so many people, even though they go to church and perform transubstantiation and cast their rites and say they are a dutifull Christian, they’re really not quite there yet, because they haven’t come to truly accept Christ as their saviour. They merely understand Christ as a concept, and God as a measurement. I see a lot of that all the time - many of my friends, who were born into Christian families and raised with it all their lives having attended Sunday school and church weekly, don’t really appreciate God, nor do they really care about God, for that matter. To them, God’s only a vague, nebulous idea of something they grew up with, and little else.

As you hinted towards in the last sentence and as Ecclesiastes directly states, all life is just vanity - but it’s in this vanity that so many peple have entrenched themselves into without even knowing. All works beneath the sun were made from dust and return to dust, as does their earthly creator - nihil sub sole novum. Ecclesiastes was the book that really turned me to Christianity because it made me realise just how futile the things we’re doing are in the longer run, and how everything I was doing was more or less escapism to a certain extent. It shook me so much, you know? It was right then and there that I realised that we, as a collective species, have let God down so much - we are firmly trapped in a halfway point where even though we want to receive salvation and love God, we still heavily rely upon worldly pleasures and solutions to allay our pains and sufferings. It’s not that mankind doesn’t have the capacity - it’s that mankind simply does not have the requisite willpower. Milton wrote that, ‘Long is the way, and hard, that out of hell leads up to light’ - and that’s exactly what it is. We all see the light and want to get there, but we don’t have the strength and dedication to invest all our faith where it’s necessary in order to get out, because then we feel insecure about our temporary sufferings.

lol, apologies about the extensive passage, and how rambling and logically flawed it may be. If it doesn’t make sense, I apologise, I just converted to this recently and I have still yet a long ways to go before I achieve clarity on such an issue.

But anyways, thank you for the welcome, much appreciated. :)
realARTIZT Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
To be honest you made perfect sense.

People tend to believe, if they believe that there in fact is a God, that "once saved, always saved" way of thinking. It's not real to them that they need to bring their lives into harmony with His will and that just because they "beieve" doesn't mean they are acceptable by Him. It is hard work to be on the right side of things. I have parents who have instilled in me that there is a God but it wasn't until I actually studied the Bible and the prophetic and scientific truths it had in the past and still holds for our day that I really made it my own. You can't just read a book and be changed- you have to let it sink into your own heart and find the answers for yourself and let it affect your choice of entertainment, friends, employment, speech...everything in your life. (Phillipians 4:8, 1 Corinthians 15:33, Colossians 3:5, etc.)

God knows we fall short due to imperfection since we inherited sin like some horrible disease passed on from one generation to the next but it's the effort to adhere to the principles and standards he lays out in the Bible that truly matters. He knows whether we are giving him our best or are just doing what's within our comfort zone to do.

Some say that He is mysterious and what they don't understand is something that isn't understandable but the truth about His name, what he requires of us, why we suffer, when it will end, how can we cope with the anxieties of life, how we can be happy now, what really happens to us when we die, whether we'll ever see our dead loved ones again, why we should feel confident that God will fulfill his promises for the future, etc.- all of the answers are available to us all. How could we ever begin to try to draw close to God as mentioned at James 4:8 if we aren't even able to understand what he's written in the Bible- It was written for us! lol

As you can probably tell I teach the Bible and am also a Bible student- What I learn I tell others after doing extensive research. It's reliable and not out-dated like everyone else seems to think. It's cool that you've taken an interest in learning more about God and what you should do to please him. That is the path few take although it's the right path. We owe a whole lot more than we human s are willing to own up to that's for sure.
thehourofarrival Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2013
Wow, that's really quite something right there.

I never grew up with religion, because my parents were born in Communist territory, and didn't ever get the chance to come to terms with faith. Before, I was an atheist; it was only recently that I became interested in God, and I started believing.

The stories are just so captivating for me; especially the conversion of Paul and the Crucifixion - though Song of Songs and Ecclesiastes are perhaps my favourite books of all, with Revelations trailing in behind. The language is really quite incredible and though I don't put absolute, unwavering faith in the Bible itself (seeing that it's been edited time and time again by countless scholars throughout history, and meaning has been lost in translation anyways) I see it as a beautifull testament of man's devotion to God. A lot of people take the Bible too literally and though they're free to interpret it that way, I see it not as God's Word, necessarily, but the man's account of God throughout history. The Ten Commandments, for example, were broken by even Christ himself - and Mosaic law only applied to the establishment of Israel.

Personally, I believe that the worship of God should be inherently individualistic, and based on one's own interpretation. The Bible is an excellent guideline, but shouldn't be used as the ONLY source. You having studied the Bible so much and being a devoted fellow Christian, I'm curious as to your opinion on this?

Thanks, though, for the inspiring and well-thought-out comment.
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